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Board Resolution for Approval of the Format of Share Certificate

board resolution to approve the share certificate formatPost incorporation of a company, the Board of Directors in its first meeting generally consider and approve the format of share certificate of the company to be printed and used from time to time. Therefore, this is also one of the agendas taken up in the first board meeting.

The format of share certificate can be changed from time to time with the prior approval of the board of directors of the company.

Template of board resolution approving the share certificate format is as follows for your reference—


#. Approval of the Format of the Share Certificate of the Company

"RESOLVED THAT the blank share certificates in accordance with the draft format and the relevant blocks, engravings, facsimiles relating to the printing of such share certificate as placed before the Board be and are hereby approved, and the share certificates be printed and numbered consecutively."



#. To Consider and Approve the Format of the Share Certificate of the Company

"RESOLVED THAT the new formats of blank equity share certificate and preference share certificate as per the designs placed before the Board, duly initialed by the Chairman for the purposes of identification, be and are hereby approved."

"FURTHER RESOLVED THAT blank certificates of 2500 equity shares certificates and 750 preference share certificates, as per design approved by the Board, be printed and machine numbered in regular order."

"FURTHER RESOLVED THAT (Name), (Designation) and (Name), (Designation) be and are hereby jointly authorised to sign with their facsimile signatures and issue the share certificates to the members of the Company."

"FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the blocks, engravings, facsimiles and hues relating to the printing of share certificates as also the blank unused share certificates be kept in the custody of the (Name), (Designation) of the Company."


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